scalating world demand for livestock products, realization of food E security in recent decades has offered producers, livestock growers• great economic opportunities. At the s:ame time, however, market distortions, resource constraints, indiscfii'nioate use of genetic resoorces and trade standards are putting ever great pressur·e on the livestock sector. The need to inuease unit productivity, manage sectroal complexity, tackle genetic erosion and face the flfture challenges has changed the way food and dairy sector were b,eing maniaged before 2014. Punjab lives.tock & Dairy Development OeP.artment was no exception to these challenges and w.:is facing the
task to address above.
Sif)Ce 2014 onwards Punjab livestock & Dairy Development Department has been carrying extensive reforms from policy framework, Human resource development, functional review/Reforms and dairy production enhancement schemes which are mainly focused on redU1cing cost of production and increasing unit productivity. The underlying objective-of all these efforts, transformations and liveS1oc-k projects launched at grass r'OOt level, 1$ to devefop Punjab lives1«k sector to meet the upcoming challenges, realize its untapped potential and 10 put the department back on the right track.
Gfobalty, a systematic breeding is followed that encompasses controlled mating, indMdual animal identification, progeny and perfotmance testfng/recoding to identify superior germ plasm {particularly on the male.side), coupled with sophis·ticated data processing.
Paki·stan is fortunate to be the home tract of some of the finest breeds of livestoc.k as compared with other regional countries. There are two buffalo breeds namely, Kundi and Nili Ravi and eight discrete breeds of cattle. There are 28 breeds of sheep and more than 20 breeds of goats recognl?ed fn Pakistan. More than 80% of the livestock farmers iri the Punjab relate to tbe substantive livestock farming hence is the main pillar of livestock and breeding palicv. sahiwal cow is considered the tiest breed In Pakistan and globally, she remained a champion in all I ndla

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