What is De worming ? Why is De worming necessary? What is the D-Vermination precautions and method?

What is DWM? Why is Dmm necessary? What is the D-Vermination precautions and method?

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Answer: Vermicularity is known as insects in the English language, due to which it eliminates the medication of insects, it is called de vermer. As decomposition is called decommerce.

D-Verming is therefore essential for the animals to eat and it is fresh and fresh. (In humans, cooking of stomach is less and lesser than ever)) Pests with insects go to the stomach of animals and turn into big insects. These insects contain nuts and substances. Those who put eggs again after sexual intercourse, are buried with dung and then plant the plants in the field again. In this way, insectious animals spread to healthy animals with sick animals. There is also one reason to do not clean the peas and do not take a bath on time. If a cow is glutenant and its calf drinks it, then the milk of the milk creates the problem of insects.

Animal stomach causes their health to reduce the production of milk and meat.

Types of insects:

There are two types of animals in the animal

Indoor bugs

Outer bugs

Internal Insects:

These are round, chopped, fatin and tall.

Well, there are many types of internal insects, but those which are more harmful are:

Liver insects:

They also call Liver Fluke - they eat the liver and destroy it. In the area where SNAIL is excessive there is liver fluid in animals. Feeding the rice plant helps you see this problem very much.

Owl insects:

This pomegranate is a form of spinach and the animal's blood remains silent.

Intestinal insects:

These particles are of great shape, they have a variety of types. These insects become a cause of illness, cordial gas and cereals in animals. Thickness becomes stomach and stomach water. Milf and tape are two main types of these types.

Lugs Bugs:

Which cause cough and pneumonia.

Signs of their presence:

Gobble and smell.

Eye water and odor.

Be cheap

Beast feeding

Water under the jaw

Couple on couples.

The fall of the beard.

Hurry up soon.

If these are nuisance, do the de-warming of Jones.

Outdoor Bugs:

Namely leather bugs:

As the squad. Juice Pets etc.

These are common, apart from a mosquitoes that are called bloom. It gives eggs to the nose of the animal. These eggs get adolescent in leather. Which reduces the wound of the beast and gets rid of traumatic injuries.

Signs of their presence:

For this you should take care of your animals and check them out.


Rubbing body wall etc.

Bleeding from the animal body

Work done prior to de-vm:

First of all, the type of pesticide is done by the type of pesticide and the type of medicine is selected.

If a lab test is not possible for some reason, then one symbol in the following symptoms will indicate insects.

1) Animals are handy, but they eat full and mix with green tea. You smell badly.

2) Water is full of nail in front of throat, stomach, and honey. And the animals reduce their amount of milk.

3) If the beast's eyebrows is turned aside, it looks yellow or white, the beast becomes vaginal and its ribs are visible from the distance.

4) The animals do not come to the heat, water flow from their eyes, tooth teeth, and the skin feels asleep. The last sign is in severe illnesses. Therefore, be treated with another treatment.

D-Verming Method:

The divergence of a beast is given half an hour from the animal. After feeding the milk, give it a bit or a little bit, and after a half hour, then do not give it to two hours. Then give the rotten food.

Do not catch animal language while feeding any medicines, and do not turn its face towards the sky.

Otherwise the animal will be sampled after the time consuming. This pneumonia is called drenching drenching pneumonia. The dunger is immersed with an animal which is more resistant. After putting the medicine in a bowl and giving it before the animal, the animal feeds the animal.

After adopting medication medication, motion takes place, do not try to stop them, they become self-regulated after 15 days re-de warming because the worms die from the first de-warming but their eggs remain, so to eliminate them. Re-de warming

When the de-warming is completed, de-warming after three months and replacing the formula of medicine.


Since D Verming is a type of poison feeding. Due to this reason, this heat should not be severe, severe, cold, not raining, such as no beam dormitory of less than 3 months.

Freshened animals are given de vermin after 20 days. It is better to be given 35 days later.

Name of Dermar Injections and Medicines, with the least benefits available and minimal implications available in Pakistan:


It includes fan bundleol 10%. Whose retail price is around 2200. This is a wide range of insects. Large animals are given 30 to 40 cc.


It includes 34 percent Nitroxinil. This is the best and safe medicine to eliminate liver insects. Traded retail price 4014 per 100 cc bottle

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