The animals speak
When their body's hair is scattered, they become fear, pain or pressured.
They have body pain and infection inside their waist when they are bumps and balls. This is also due to the injuries of the four bodies.
When their mouth and plummet are smell, they require strong food. You get immediate strength from Hapan.
When its rhythm is tight, then the desired veda in its diet is less dry and dry if you are very thin, then it gives you green tea. Dry dry If the dungs ​​are not slim medium in two days, then give it dye salon and calvin. Give a day after oxidandazol.
If animals are wet and sinking, then you are giving it wheat and other kind of commodity. Animal feeding this problem also causes problems. Animal vodka and charcoal reduces food, its feet grow and they make water first in the lungs. Which breathes fast. If the veda is not reduced then then the pungus starts bleeding. Which is definitely death 50 grams of meta soda must be provided with the window.

Note It is not necessary to agree, if there is a problem in your animal, then consult with a close doctor.

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