As you all know, today's heat season and the animals reduce milk in the heat. And some animals start hunting, especially cross the cross. And sometimes animals leave the food too. To deal with such a situation, take care of the cleaning cleanliness of the Shade floor twice a day. And when the smoke fumes add to the animals at the same time as well as fresh water animals for twenty-four hours. So that the animals get water in a green amount. And if any animal that hills, make it even worse for you to feed it with a syrup and it is cooling effect twice a week. Animals can also dig in a dysistrose drip using an ami-wired needle and two gethi cross injection mixtures, even in the body, it will also reduce the deficiency of minerals and salts. And Jet's cross liver is useful for that. I always take care of all my forms. And much more. Take special care these days, keep your care on your farm and completely dependent upon the mercy of God, so also take full care to avoid any harm.
Talib Prayer Ejaz Mustooi

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