Hello friends, today I will tell you about goat the crowd how much of this age can be estimated for specialists for sheep fans.
The average age of the crowd is counted seven to nine years, its age of puberty is approximately eight months to 12 months; one year old crowd is considered strong. The crowd's body temperature is 103 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The number of breathes in one minute is fifteen to twenty, when the crowd becomes pregnant, the normal duration of the pregnancy is 150 days, one gives two to two children, the number of animals in the wild animals occurs in the form of a lamb during the birth of a lamb. No, but all of its temporary next teeth are displayed within twenty days to 25 days, then all the tooths are completed during almost 90 days. And for a year, these teeth are dried, then after six six months the teeth change, for example, when the crowd is about two and a half years, the middle tammari inserers, between them, fall down and place them in place. Predictive teeth come out, then reaching 2 years of age, two first litteral temporary teeth fall, instead of replacing two plants, their teeth come out, then six months later - at the age of two-and-a-half-year-old Litterlly Troller Inserers fall. Replace 2 permanent teeth instead of six months later - at the age of three, the crowded corner of the crowded tomarium insector tooth glands Then there are two permanent teeth in their place, then after 6 months, ie, three and a half years old, the two infantry insider's infantry bola is inserted at the age of four-year-old two-year-old and four years old and four years old. The two-second liter-insuler's infantry bola is inserted, and the infantry bola of two user-oriented insulers at the age of five is inserted.
Then the crowd grows old and almost unable to give children
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