You have less animals or more, it is the religion of my Lord, but do not take proper care of them and do not give the appropriate environment with proper food. You will be guilty of some of the points that we all know for livestock care. Work with cheaper and intelligent work
No.1- Keep the animals as much as you have
No. 2 Keep the animal as much as your pocket permits
No. 3- Arranged for the animals before purchasing animals if there is no food or the animal will be damaged by weakness or you will be selling a corner instead of yourself.
No. 4 There should be cats, charts, pots, knees, fresh water, rope and single, towels, deertions, axis, drums, plastic containers, etc. as many animals as possible.
No. 5. First Ed, for example, mustard oil, turmeric oil, mercury oil, sweet deal, saffron, eczema, oil oil, saffron you, black salt, white salt, salt stone, tara mine, recent, cracked, swim, disposable, Pneumol etc. Anti-biotech serpent or injection, syringe and proper number of needles, medical box should be necessary.
No. 6 Everything should be in your own box and the name should be written on this box
No. 7 Everything has a special place and they have been there so that they do not waste time to find
No. 8 Give the animal food and drink at a specific time, it improves the health of the animal and you also feel comfortable, fresh water should be in sufficient quantity of animals.
No. 9. Love the animal, as if the person talked to us of love, the animals have feelings and they understand the love.
No.10- Feed your animal at least once in a day, it will increase your identity
No.11- Give animals a daily spoon with spices and d-verming.
No. 12 Keep the animals vaccine according to the hours and keep the chart ready
No. 13 Record the medical and whenever any animal has any problem, then show the old record to the doctor so that it can be better treated.
No. 14 Keep the weight weighing so that you can know about it
Prayer seekers
Maj Shafqat Hussain Shah
Lord Dera Captain's

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