How to heat the farm animal:
First clean the beast belly with insects. For this, give "Vasad" or "Alasan" or "Caravazole" to the extraction medication, and "I Mac" compare 10 to 12 cc. Since the cow's food comes from the fields and the dung is poured out in the fields, and the insects of the insects are inflamed. That is why the animal attacks the stomach worm repeatedly. Therefore, donations are required in the following medicines in October, February, May and August. So that the stomach does not reduce the blood of the animal. Then if the blood is low, what should be milk and how hot it is?

Eat the beast and give energy to the animal. For this purpose, mix "LS Mineral" by mixing it. Remember that you can not feed the most animal without stirring it. And the animal does not eat without the bitter taste. Therefore one kilograms of minerals and two kilos are sufficient for a beast. This food is to feed in ten days. One-day daily. You must do this for ten days every month.
Now be patient if the animal body is shiny in 10 days if it is shiny. Otherwise the body of the animal which was still weakening and lacquerary, called "amazol" and eturopathy of 10 cc and 5 cc respectively. If you can not afford it, then apply the whole formula of 50 cc "diaminegen" with a full amount of 50 cc and "50" of the nucson "naveen". So that the hollow fever fever ends.
Now some animals begin to warm themselves. The animal that is not hot after a month should heat it in this way.
Method: First of all, use cyclamat or e-mate or dentist.
Be patient for 3 days Some animals get hot. Cross them
Now re-enter the cyclamat of 11 afterwards
Animals will be hot in 2 days. If anybody still remains, ask him "Constant" or "Dalmrazenin" 3 days later. And cross it 6-8.
In this way all your animals will cross within 20 days

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