Oil and fats for cattle ointment are two types of things, but the strength in oil is less and less infertility, besides the hydraulic gas in the presence of the oil in the presence of oil, it gets cured.
The oil or the ointment is neither hot nor cold, because the oil and sugar are twice as high as sugar or fence, because when a given animal is given oil, it has a lot of energy, which is very cold. The animal keeps warm, if the animal is given after the cross is crossed, the animals are more likely to become a bell.
Since the oil becomes very much water-converting to energy in the body, due to the heat of the animal's body, heat reduces heat.
That is why it is very important to give animal oil to severe cold and extreme heat.
Since oil or syrup is covered around charts / food in the liquor, and the germs do not digestive food again, for which animals can be given about 250 cc or one grated oil or ankle. It is harmful to the maximum amount of benefits.
Today, side-by-step fatty is available by oil and cardiac, which is also the least 250 grams.
Note: It is very useful to give oil and oven 150 grams.

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