Chaudhary Saleem is the rawalpindi resident. He has four toxic diamonds. Which has about 700 animals. I used to spend the night on their farm day. he is a good man. Tomorrow I shared photos of her two forms. Today tell you about their forms. Abad Wajdad of Chaudhry Sahib used to form farm animals. That's why she is attached to this field childhood. Its farm has gotten 1 out of 1 block. They bring animals and buy from the markets. When the animal feedes 8 months, if the gabbin does not go, sell it by 20, 25,000 under its purchase. His younger brother runs animal food, milk calculation and laboratory system. Allah is their animals very healthy and humiliated. He gives food to his 20 animals.
Opening 29 kg
Palm Corner 30kg
Wheat wheat 20kg
20kg left of dry bread / desserts
Canteen Winda 23 Kg
In addition, he has a penny on 60 animals, which is 13 thousand salaries and 5 workers who pay 11,000 rupees when they drink food. If a brother has to contact a coworker, then go to his diamond. She does not like contact on the phone

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