It's a matter of 2002 when I met the metric. I came to know about Pandey with his mother. When we returned home in Syria, we were present in our house which was fresh fresh and dry. Later, I found out that my younger sister had many loaves of bread to give it to her milk.
The second incident is that we were doing D.W.M. Our university was 5th year. Then we had to do a 6-month intercoop in government hospitals, labs. One day and Dr. Solomonman, who was my class Fellow. We used to be late at the hospital, the remaining 20 doctors ran away from the hostel. A woman of the age-old woman came to the hospital near 40 pm. He had 4 identification cards in his hand. She was crying to us and hearing the condition of her sick animal. Identification card was kept by guaranteeing the transfer of payment. I and my friends were scared that women should not harm us. I told the lady that we are very poor people, these white clothes are worn as well. My friend was involved in going. I thought that whatever would happen to me. And the friend agreed to go with him. I started asking for her illness. I thought he had fed more foods. The woman was not openly telling. Maybe he was scared what the family would say. Well we took medicines and came to the house near the Sugar Mill on Charsadda Road from Peshawar Civil Veterinary Hospital. When entering the house, saw that it really is lying on the ground. I inspected you and told them to raise it now. After waking up, we walked like a drunk. Just I found out her treatment immediately. What have I done to end this to find out. Ask the woman if she does not say anything then she will not be treated. What have you done yesterday or today? He immediately said. The neighborhood had a wedding program this morning. Above the vein which is used to turn dough on the dough, it is fed. How much did I say. Said so much He was telling about 4kg spreading his hands. Her husband in the house started fighting with him. I said that if a little and the toy is still dead. Everyone was silent after hearing this. Then we gave two liters drip. And give other medicines. It will be fine and it will be fine.
The third incident is in the mountainous area of ​​Swat. I was recruiting in a public project. During this time, we made free mouth harvesting and pesticide vaccination to approximately 2 million animals and free NILZAN, OXAFAX, NILVERM.. Since many people were introduced. That's why people started to treat me with a sick animal. I used to earn 4-6 thousand those days. An animal cured in an evening that I came from a nearby boy and a front duke. When I reached her home, I found out that the boy had fried 1 kilograms of beans to Gabon. Cure this cow If you call him in the morning, it was okay. From now on 9 months ago, I used to work on a dairy farm in Peshawar. I had to leave home. That night, I called a friend that someone in the neighborhood had to die on the ground. I told them to talk to the bull's boss. In fact, I came to know that we had to walk. The bull has sprung in the morning and then has water. Since the night was 10pm. I came to my house, Abdul Salaam, who came to my house and reached the farm house on the bike. I put the needle injection and poured the medicines to reduce the bull. Former 800 rupees fee and cure for treatment. He gave 1000 rupees and thanked. Since the bull was close to the sun, my boyfriend laughed in the morning and said that the doctor will be your nightmare. I said no. Insha Allah will be alive. He laughed again, I am not sure. I got a friend in front of him in the morning. When asked the bull then he said. He is still stirring with the grace of God. There are so many incidents that are extracted by animals, animals, goats, goats, donkeys and camels - other than simple simple animals. Do not sprinkle it, wheat, beans, palm, apple, mango, pure vinegar, much open, fist, syrup syrup, and then mix it with water, do not sprinkle, gas, stomach, do not eat food, They include trapped inside, reducing milk and sudden death of animals. If there is 20 percent grass pose with these foods and animals are already accustomed to such food, then there is no problem. But only and can only take the animal to the mouth of bread, bread, vida, open etc. Understand others as well.

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