To enable the rumen animal of sick animals,
After eating a diet of healthy animals, when they begin to wake up, take a nalse from their mouth and pour it into semi-water and start a sick animal. This process is done with a special device in Europe, since there is similar type of germs in a healthy animal jigsaw that helps to stimulate and digest animal feed, some conditions as antibiotics are used. Or after digestive poisonous digestive bacteria, in such case there is also a digestive help of digestive bacteria in a healthy animal animal, when we collect them in a sick animal. The job starts.
In Asian countries, some people take the semi-digestive food from the straw of a healthy slaughtered animal and squeezes its water, and the animal that weeds is weakened. Pharmaceutical companies in Europe drain seeds of such type of germs.

Note: Dried water daily to two liters. You can keep this water at a room temperature in a clean vessel. All the animals may be tired of the same diet but sometimes it
Animals are not tired, given 2 or 3 days

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