If you have thousands of animals in the following manner, you can heat them all in the shortest time

Beat warm:
Going and not hot in the heat is a big problem. Their reasons are below.

Go: Once you've got it.
1) Severe heat season
2) Weighing up to 15 percent of the weight due to no food or food.
3) Provide very much protein foods which are more than CP Level 20.
4) Stomach bastes or squeeze bloods are most common.
5) Warming in the night, which does not see the owner or the laborer
6) hidden hat
7) Being the "Skeleton Oriental" water on the baby.
8) No other reason for HSF and LH hormone
9) There is also one reason for fasting on daylight.

1 Use of milk-injection "accey tossons"

Solution: The most effective solution to this problem is that when you give your baby 15 days after dumplalin or conspalal. If you do not have hot water in 45 days, then apply two ci-tech sy kilometers or dumplings. Be patient for 3 days. If you do not get hot, then 56 days later, please call Sai KMet or dancer. " Wait for 3 days Then rejuvenate "corpalal" and cross it with artificial breeding or saddle after 8 hours

There are also reasons for the traumatic but the difference is slightly different due to those reasons.
1) Bind is very shameful animal, therefore it is difficult to believe that 100 fidelity is hot. It can accurately detect the sidelines.
2) In October, November, when the daylight decreases, it becomes hot in that month.
Solution: It is necessary to keep a spinal cord in order to heat the batter. End the "accey tossed" quadruple and minimize it by reducing it. It's not good to finish the tail. If the baby is drinking milk then sprinkle it
3 Try locally "heat powder" locally.
4) Use a heat-treatment method.
5) Some trains are planted, and then it is closed permanently. Which makes sense to be switched and the heat gets hot after a month.
Note: As heat and coming to the test are two names of the same condition. That is why the only person who will be healthy is healthy, it has blood and energy. Recovering a weed animal will prove to be. So you can save yourself from a huge loss by keeping yourself wet for 15 days after needle. And every year you can get a baby

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