O dear friends, today I will tell you about the Pure ravi breeds
This generation is related to the line of Ravi Vitney Kamaliya Okada Triangle, because this region is on the banks of the Ravi, so the buffalo buffalo is called the buffalo buffalo, its typical colors are black but also brown.

Breeding characteristics of Breeding Breeds
The buffalo belonging to the breeding seed is thick and large in comparison to the nel race and the rays are thick and heavier than the breeds, the legs are white tail white, the head is thick and heavy from the horns. Loose horns are chronic thick hair on the foreheaded horns thickened by the thick horns and horns of the horns. The big eyes are larger and thick, the eyes of the eye are significantly below the forehead. The body was tied to the bone of the nose The part is thick and fat, the tail is longer than the niche of the blue, and it is thicker; it is thick and hard, the skin is not thick, and the average weight of the buffalo is around 155 pounds and weighs around 1700 pounds.

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