Hello, Friends today I will tell you the characteristics of the Pure Nili breed buffalo, first of all, I will tell you why it is called blue brown.
Why the River Satlaj water was blue, Pakpotan Frazka, Bahawalpur Kasuri, etc., is situated in the area of ​​Blue Bar, due to the river Satlaj, and the buffalo area of ​​the area is called the blue bar of the region.
Features of blue buffalo
The upper surface of the blue buffalo is a long and upper part of the head, and the end of the finest wound ends, and the type of horn horns are small and lively, the neck is thin and the skin is soft and soft. The breeding ground is usually black in color, which touches the ground but also contains brown color that is very low.
White eyelashes from the five claws to the top of the knees, the white eyes blue, the average weight of such a breed is about a thousand pounds. The niche of the breeding nail is up to 1200 to 1300 pounds. Nourishment of nourishment Daily is sixteen to twenty kg
The neck and thickness of the nail race is wide and the next part is the upper part, the last part is also called the financial in our Punjab.

If you have any mistake or additions in writing, tell it out of love
Sarfraz Ahmed, the one you pray

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