Friends often tell brothers the abdominal insects, then a medicine is called Kamaliya today, today I will tell you what is the kaliah.
Carmel is a type of flower, its tree is middle size, white flowers come out, which later turn into green grains, their size is equal to pepper, in the beginning the color of green is green. I get cooked in the heat to red, these seeds are coated and softened as calm says

Now it's up to the side
The color is red and too hot
Mixing the yogurt kills stomach insects by eating
The stomach kills specially, especially the mango, it is not necessary to use acne medicine after feeding the carmel, it is a drainage, thus removing stomach insects in the locker is another benefit. Wound skin gets cured

Be careful
It should not be used for more than three days, otherwise it will be harmful as diarrhea is due, so due to diarrhea, water can decrease and can cause wounds in stomachs.

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