Most of my friends have asked me cattle not coming in heat. Someone said that our homemade repatriation is going on. Call me a call from which I estimated that there is a problem in all the issues in dairy farming. This is a great deal of concern for Farmer..Then this research was done. Dr. Amanullah Baloch, a young extremist, is a human being from this discourse with Dr. Dixer, Dr. Dr. Bashir Ahmadinejad. Wahid Af Ahmedpur, meeting with Sialkot Dr. Mustafa Aftabpur, visited the 2 major big farms of Wagah community and found their rate of recycling of animals. He notes in his doctor and also got his point of view. Some hours later, he died. After this, in our view, the following reasons will be the main cause of this issue, which I will mention here in detail. The animal's reproductive system is also like humans. Just like humans are days and substance due to lack of a child, in the same way animals are also present. Sometimes the times are spurred by sperm or dead, from which animal substance But it can be done by crossing this issue with a normal nose, but not a cement, because of the healthy bills are selected for the cement. Superman is fine but its reproductive system is perfect for fertility generation. Or often donor doctors go to an exporter or dead seminol, which is impossible to repeat the animal ... so try that a good expert Put the seminars from the doctor. The second major reason for the disorder is also an unhealthy doctor who is not able to cross the root in Utter as the seminars and kills the rod, which causes extremists inside the animal and it is highly sensitive. It seems like it is a bit more painful. Since then, there is infection in the womb. We do not know if we go to animals without reasoning, that it is a nasty race. The doctor shows that the animals are crossing the month of the animal. Luminous revelation will not be good if the animal does not recover from inside. As a freelance, there is a lot of heat, but they do not speak, in general terms, we give them a glimpse. In the skin, they are removed, but we do not know if the moon passes on a month or so. The firm does not know that Its animal is getting hit, it sells a well-known animal to a healthy farmer, it is narrower than to keep a healthy tea cell, but there is a lack of vitamins E. Which is for the strength and correction of the mercy..that which we often store animals in the Euros' floor, in other words suppress medicines, then its formulas contain 200 ml Mr. strengthens show that vitamin E .. We take care of animals but do not give balanced food, due to which our animals often lack the minerals saline protein lymph. They are not healthy, they are not in heat and they eat food for free for free. The economy is harming. Often the animal comes in the heat, but in all cases, we do not keep it in a seminal place. Keep it first or very long when it is not taken as a healthy diet or the animal's hair has ended. Doctors do not know the doctor. To make a fee, keep the farmer running on the go. The animals are barely interrupted, but this is very low. Therefore, we should try to avoid all the safety orientation safety measures to avoid this problem. Try more and more. Preparation of lymphomatic tumor. Compare balanced minerals. Vitamin laminate salts Let's check the buffalo goat for a young substance. If the animal is 2 teeth even after the drainage, then the fork should consult with a good physician, try it to check the animal inside the animal. Try to tear a male animal with which its sexual movements will accelerate and they Check out a specialist doctor and follow his advice. Check that the tuberculosis periodically checks if there are non-digestive ingredients..Then skin eyes The movement of the animal and the animal tells us that the animal is healthy or ill-treatment all the necessary measures to save maximum from this matter. It's okay ... I do not know what you're talking about.
I am the author of the author, I will have some errors in context. Therefore, instead of criticism, you will be corrected and will also be aware.
Written: "Arshad Khan"

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