"Vitamns" in animals feed
After the protein diet diet in the postal palace, it was important to tell you how important it is in the diet of vitamins in animal-vitamins. Vitamin-Vitamin is one of the most important ingredients of food, which is the fastest food. Quantity is required, however, absence of these components produces different types of diseases. Haiti is divided into two parts, due to the solution of water and oil. No. 1:
Vitamins A:
Vitamins B, which include various types of vitamins B1 vitamins B12. These are all vitamins done syntheticly in a chemical form. And there are different names from their chemical ingredients that are also called asamine fluids. After all, vitamins that are solved in a chemical component include vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E.
It is very important to provide most of the protein A and Vitamins D food in Milk animals. The animals usually do not lack if there is a great variety of food, such as Alpha Alpha "Larsen" is a cornerstone for a millet. And if they are left for some time to go to the open square.
Because of vagina in a vagina, there is a lot of vitamins produced, but unfortunately, in our own area, Ahmedpur Seal Jung, many animals are kept in the open form. Most of the farmer animals are dried. They also keep the animal in the nose, which is called Natha in general. As such, the effectiveness of different aminoos in various aminoosis is found in B large quantities of all their physical needs. It's almost complete ..
Vitamin A ..
Vitamin A is found in two types of carotene in the form of carotene, due to which it becomes yellow. It is found in vitamins A in its milk. In the milk of various buffalo, it is found in the condition of fatigue. Vitamins A When the animals are well-known in the Alpha Alpha Mecca, Korea Road Grass Ridge, Amsterdam Gross Sudan Grocery, when feeding is available, the animals store enough quantity of vitamins A in their body these days. It is used to take place itself. It is very difficult to add vitamins A to the lentils of sixty lambs, it is very weak because it lacks them. It is important to reduce the immunity against the diseases. Due to lack of potassi, the type of nutrients in male beverages, Munviah. Vitamins A do not need so much in the last days of pregnancy in animals, because their body is already injured ... so in the last days The doctor advises not to give vitamins .. According to Lala Ashraf Niaz Ashfaq Zia, Dr. Amanullah Ludin.
Vitamin E. "
The lack of vitamins reduces animals in animals. Do not fall into the heat of the animal. To stay stirring, the shrinking of mercy is due to lack of vitamin E. Therefore, including me Lala Ashraf Nazi, Ashfaq Zia Sahib Advantages of excessive injections of vitamins E Vedamin E, which occur in the heat of unhealthy or wrapping, are different injections. And there are different injections in the form of poders which are also called mineral mucors that are from various markets to the market. As soon as possible
Vitamin D:
Vitamins de rotate in the sun in fulfilling the deficiency of the animal body. The dry dough in the lungs, such as Larsen Bromsem, are important. This is also due to the importance of the vitamins in the animal body. Lime and phosphorus digestive and make it body component. This reduces the amount of fat in animals. They become born in animals. They become stubborn and stirred in animals. Supply causes a healthy baby.
Therefore, all these vitamins in the quantity of their animals should be enriched so that your animals are healthy, strengthen your economy by giving you the most profits in this work.
Once again I would say that I am not an author of the author, in my writing there will be contradiction errors, so I will optimize for criticism and passing through.
Research and writing: "Arshad Khan"

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