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Friends of protein, which also say lyhmiyat, is an important part of animal feeding, the body's survival and the formation of the ingredients that are inaccessible for them. The proportion of lymph is counted in it. It is 20%. This ingredient mostly consumes meat. The bacterium Shuffle Larsen, also called Alpha Alpha, has features that have already been tagged in the post. In addition, in the Junk Road Grass Milk also found plenty of proteins. It goes on. Keep the physical sign of animals due to the lack of friend protein .. The lover remains immersed. Replacement the full potential for the depulsion. The amount of curd decreases. Apart from this, the ingredients of lymph-protein, which are becoming a new research, are being analyzed. It has been found that these ingredients are made of a type of simple aminois. Of these, eight of the aminoos can not be found in the body of the body, that is because the deficiency of these special tresils is to be consumed with protein rich foods. Although there are some implements of these ingredients in sheep goats, but very few. Other animals live in the garden They are less than that in the camel .. whose animals have been stored in their body..from the lack of these ingredients should be done without food. For some time, the animal completes this shortage of its body's storage, but after a short time the animal protein of the animal reduces immunoscope. It begins to eradicate the animal's health. There is a lot of type of lung because some aminoos are very important for the growth of wool in sheep. It is also known as Sulfur's aminoos. In the next post, Inshaulullah next post, In other words, in these other words, these components of protein lymph is a part of the fourth part of the animal's digestion procession. What and thirteen methane aminoos also contribute to the role of stomach .. Because these minerals of proteins play an important part in digestive ingredients. That's why friends that I often fill in protein in balanced diet. Loan is the ingredients of the ingredient and the most minerals of the minerals. Most importantly, the four corners of protein-rich ingredients such as Larson [Alfalfa Alpha [cultivate root rope balloons ammonium gross ginger. Give more than Ziaizah. Apart from this, the banana blossoms of bundle in the commodity, namely stomach dried. Give nutrients so that animal feeding is lacking in protein and lack of associated aminozes, the animals having a healthy tremendous bowl can get the most of the abundance to the farmer.
I am not an author of the author. In my writing, there will be errors and contexts. Therefore, instead of criticism, you will be optimistic and thankful.
Research and writing: "Arshad Khan"

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