Take care of these things in the friends market or when buying animals.
See the animal teeth when buying a animal, how old it is. See the generation of animals. You should have full understanding of the generations. How should every generation know about this generation? It will be written in the next writing. The skin of healthy animals is bright, bright. The skin of a healthy animal is shiny and bright. Go to the animal and see if the animal is not lazy. If you do not have a problem in the trick, keep a thing in the animal and keep it running. If animals are born blind or later blindly, do not do it with both their eyes. See that the healthy animal will be chaffed and stirred from the ear. The nose will be cleaned and the water will not flow. See the gluttonous glucose that there is no unnecessary ingredients that will be able to find the animal's stomach. How good it is. Gobers are very slim, unhealthy. Untreated animals. Check milk in four stages of milk that is equal to the amount of milk in four stages. If the hair is affected, most of the peppers are usually colored for themselves. Especially for freezerin because black colored sophisticated is good if possible, keep a good doctor with you. See that the animal is not able to get rid of it. If you do not know what you are looking for, then do not worry about it. If you look at the location of the hub, then press it with the hand to check if it contains infection, then the animal will feel pain and will not give it to the desired place. And yes, take care of one thing. Gathering or taking buffalo, make sure that the animals follow what they say, and they do not even remove it. It is known that the animal's veil is a swollen hoob from behind. If the animal is still ripe, then the living day is still swollen, even if it is still in the day of delays, then it will be swelling. If you are in front of the pudding, then the animals will be more standardized if they are in the back. Heesu also satisfy this. Pay the money after taking the satisfaction very well. Keep at least 2 or 3 experienced ankles while taking care. Sometimes you do not see everything about animals. It is known to be another man who can save you from any affected or defective animal. Keep all the caution in mind that animals take The thing is to be fate and the magistrate.
Written: "Arshad Khan"

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