Function of phosphorus in animals
Phosphorus in the friendly animal body also plays an important role in the development of bones and teeth. Due to the constant decrease in phosphorus in milk, milk can reduce animal milk. Because the quantity of phosphorus in the daily milk is quite exhausted. If the phosphorus is not provided in the style, the beast becomes weak, the skin starts drying, it becomes less dry, it becomes smaller, blood moisture as well as red water also says that the disease also occurs due to lack of phosphorus. Blood red blood cells are shrunk and join in the skin. Lime and f The amount of Asphorus is approximately or less than 2%. It is also available in blood and also the blood in the blood. It is necessary to give them a special proportion to the diet. The importance of stroke and feeding it The method of reducing body fat is less than phosphorus due to the body of lungs, because it is because of various types of spicy varieties such as Tara Mera Guru Taraiya. Keep the month of February, when the rays of Toria were born, the animals began to give too much milk, due to the same amount of lime mixed. .If phosphorus is low in different parts of the world, there is no milk deforestation in the animal. It is also known as Chakkar wheat, which is called milk vinegar, which is mixed with appropriate quantities. It is found in a large quantity of openness. Therefore, I always suggest feeding milk to the Milkhel animal. It is estimated to increase the amount of milk to 40 to 45%. My people are the first to see me But now all the big farms of Arzur are using open balls, but bone to meet the permanent deficit of phosphorus. Cholera's permanent solution can be made possible. Lymph and phosphorus are capable of becoming partial body in a body of lungs. In spite of detection, limbs two pieces of the best. Finding a part phosphorus Apart from this, Vitamins D also plays an important part in becoming part of these two components, which is mentioned in the first article written in vitamins. These two ingredients are not digestive without potamen D and Particular body can not be formed. Therefore, it is very important to include appropriate amounts of vitamins D as well as phosphorus and lime animal feed. Raf Naiyazi, Ashfaq Zia Sahib Aman Al-Khalil Baloch, repeatedly recites the use of minerals masculine in which all these things are in proper quantity. Add as many as lime to the animals. Use the bundle bundle. Feeding the spicy animals more, your animals will be protected from phosphorus and lime deficiency.
Written: "Arshad Khan"

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