Dry matter. in fodder value
After telling the eligibility of the protein proteins vitamin phosphorus of the dearest breasts, you should also be told about dry substance diameter meter.
You will often have taken seed seeds from the seed shop, such as Milk floor Alpha Alpha Road Grass etc., if you find it also available for lentils and so on, then its properties are also written in it, along with protein Quantity phosphorus and dry substance diameter meter are also written in how much percentage of dry substance is written.
The food of friends of animals is divided into a variety of chemical ingredients. Among them green grass contains large amounts of water in moisture herbs, moisture-frying ... dry cuts, gram flour cuts And there are also some amount of water in different types of commodities. Because there is a lot of difference in the amount of water in these different types of foods. Therefore, the sauna has the food to give any kind of food to the animals. The dry material that is found in the dry matte is based on it. For example, one kilograms of fluorescence will have 10 grams of dry substance. Because in Brussels Ni ratio is 90%. As a kilogram straw will reduce the ratio of dry matter and seeds from 80 to 85% because it contains moisture content of 15 to 20%. It is estimated that It can be said that one kilos of fatty bloom can eat green tea from 40 kg to 50kg. But it can not eat such a large quantity of buffalo or sacked seeds nor can digest anymore. Crop drying and water proportion. When it comes to the problem, the water ratio is high when it is slightly turbulent, and the third level reduces and decreases it further. And moisture in the near nut to moisture As a result of decreasing the amount of dry substance increases, as well as fiber-ingredients protein phosphorus salts, etc.. Therefore, take care of green rice and dried fruits or feeding animals for their livelihood. Please note that the dry matter dry matter and humidity ratio is determined in different stages of life in different animals. Often buffalo's livestock should be given 15 to 20 percent of sheep and goat goat and small beast with 3 to 5 percent dry food. For a variety of commodity wheat straw cuts, Lauren Brausem's It is also a mustard. Therefore, use the proper amount of dry substance in the four corners of the animal. During the last few days, one of his friends, Akbar, said that there was a lot of blessings from me, who said that I do not care about it, but definitely, I'll never talk about it again.
Written: "Arshad Khan"

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