Save green fodder Making silage Pakistan
Friends are commonly observing this. Some parts of the year would face a decline in green end at the end of the summer-end or winter, where Farmer is available green green in some months in such a month. How to safeguard the world in developed countries Rizgar, who is now spreading too fast in Pakistan. It is also called to make it sajid. Doda is not only the only colorful color of the green but also becomes a good sin on the green. Those animals eat from a big shovel and it is even higher than dry or green. This way green green can be protected in this way. The crops in which the zodiac ingredients are found in the form of sugar, so that it can produce lesser than the ground, it will be better for sage. The crop crop is considered to be the best for the sake of it. It is also my favorite area. Ahmedpur was so traditionally made of fluid seal, but now when people are evaluating the importance of this method and Faram's advice is good, then the people living there are coming towards him and Shorkot Qaim Bhumana Kent etc. So many people are making. So, friends can become a seal of every type other than fruits. In maize maize wheat lenson, Barmam Chakandar Shilam G The reward, etc., in which animals eat from animal feeding, in this way, palm crops are not considered appropriate, but my personal view is that even if these crops are tested to produce tissue, then I will do it myself. It's okay.
The way to make friends feel is that they should be pressured in the ground in some places that there are no oxygen and no air in it. The dry dry foreclosure needs a lot of place for olive oil, but less green for green rice The place is needed. According to an estimated one kilowatt of fits, it can cost about 20kg. If there is a thousand rupees for a thousand minutes, then 10 yards 10 times 20 feet thick is sufficient. The choice for digging is very low. Always select indoor space because the water will rain the rain water and destroy the road in three places. Three sides of the tree are smooth and one way It should be loose. To save sauce, make it a sauna, keep it in the field for 2 to 3 hours in the field to reduce the amount of moisture. After that, after sliding the machine, folding down the polish plate below the bottom of the pit, should be poured out in it, along with tractors or hands and feet that it is not dead. After its completion, its upper Lap with the dust of the polynomial cloth, leap it up. Start at least 40 days and more than 2 months after feeding. At least 45 days and more for family seals The 60-day-old man whose milk would have milk filled with milk and it is not completely cooked, after saving it by cutting it, then it will become a high level of delusion. What a friend of my friend Akbar Bhutto has done in the Shorkot region, which I have done in my opinion and made a lot of happiness. For him, when he sticks in the stock, then the rest is the same.
Fauuded fatigue is a delicacy filled with a rash. By pressing the sausage chart, it contains yeast in which it contains bacteria full of bacteria. Foods with perfume feed fat and fresh, increase in quantity of milk. It seems like the thirsty thirsty, so that he drinks all the water. It is an effective way to provide protein-rich foods to the animal. At the time of lack of charity, Salaj Green is one of the best contribution to green tea and animal feed, so friends should start making their own forms safer and get more and more of their livelihoods. If you do not mind, you can ask me in the shop.
Written: "Arshad Khan.

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