Creating a new dairy farm and steps for animals Pakistan

Shade and place of choice: Shadi Shargha is poor in the hot area and in the cold area the length of the river is south on the south.
An animal needs an altitude of 80 feet square in the open shade, and a square square of 40 square feet is required. The skull is different.

Try to buy a twist and two cow.
Beef milk is at least 12 kg while cow milk is 20kg.
The first and second hundred is to buy animals.
The animal's nose and mouth do not drink water or pipes. His waist did not walk and walked.
Check out all the milk to the milk
The length is equal to one and the same level.
The milk of the animal as much as the moon or the moon is larger.
But remember that Beena is not strong and hot.
Because the milk of such animal is low.
Try to measure three times the animal's milk to measure.
If you want to buy animals from a market, take a chain with it.

After purchasing animals, put 7, 7 animals in a track. His baby stood up. Travel at night.

When the animal is reached
10, 10 tablets of dispain or shelf, feed animals.
Spray the spray and the next day.
After 2 days, if the animals do not drink alcohol or alcohol, feed them.

Protect the beast or hit the horse.
The first three days the animal will milk less than its desired milk. Do not be worried during that time
On the first day to feed the animal on the next day, feed one kilogram from the next day to feed a vineyard in the morning. On the other day, putting 2.5 wounds on the third day, 33kg of wandering.
Stay away from the mail and the blood of the animal. Doing this can lead to a loss of animals. Remember that the beast of the animal creates its blood by absorbing the blood inside and inside the blood (therefore the animals do not run for months)
To market milk: Remember that some people do not have cowboys in the form of fear because people do not like to take cow milk instead of toddler. This is a very bad idea. People like to take pure milk. If there is bulk and thickness in it, such demand for milk increases. You can sell cow and buffalo milk and sell them.
The milk that you have given to the customer from the beginning of the day will give you the same milk for the last day. If there is only a milk or a mixture of cow-to-beef milk.
The cow needs to be a special system for curbing the novembre in March and toss in October. Every fifteen days later, give the animal a mustard oil in the summer season and three or four days after the oil is given to the sperm and keep it dry.

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