In order to have a baby, mating of the male and female chromosomes, together with the egg or egg, is required.
Now if you cross the freeze from Sahiwal then there is a double breed not pure Freezean or pure Sahiwal.
If you want to get the pure breed of your choice from an ordinary cow, then Embryo Transfer technology can be used for this.
The embryo transfer technology involves mixing the pure male and pure female reproductive substances of the breed to be obtained in the laboratory, where eggs or ovaries are produced in an artificial environment.
Then, with the help of embryo transfer technology, the baby is delivered to the abdomen through which she becomes a full-fledged child in a natural environment and gives birth to a baby on time.
The unborn baby will not have one percent of the breed of the car, but the baby will be of the pure breed that has been developed in the Embryo Laboratory.
That is, the child of pure gurus from pure Sahiwal descent or pure gurus from Bhaagnadi. What is the weirdest thing?
In foreign countries, this technology is used for non-living animals, but we can use it on every animal, since we must have a Friesian breed or our regional breeds may be extinct or completely extinct.
Brothers, they worked hard to protect their breeds. Today, their races are spread all over the world.
Forgive us, while we have done a great deal to our brethren in the pursuit of imitation instead of improving our breeds.

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