Appeal to Friends of the Sugar Industry of Pakistan!

You know that industries are the main pillar of a country's development. We have examples that many countries like Japan, China and Korea have made their economy strong based on industries only.
Pakistan's economy is in a difficult situation right now and everyone knows that the farmer is in the most difficult time. The sugar industry has never been a bargaining bargain and according to the current price of sugar, the sugar industry is at that time. Has five fingers in the pan and the head in the pan. Even now your warehouse is filled with mountains of sugar. It is a sugar made from sugarcane that you almost snatched from us at the basket and is now being sold at double the rate.
You are an industry genius. You know better than the farmer what the cost of production per acre is and the average yield.
Since the government is in the hands of the disqualified, and unfortunately, the advisers of the rulers sitting in the highest positions are opportunistic and unconstitutional, and from that point we simply think "no".
Your industry policies revolve around your own interests, but remember it is only natural to grow carrots in the diet of high carrots.
The implications of your farming policies are beginning to come. At this time almost all sugar mills are in no cane condition or run afoul. This situation is the culmination of the 2016 atrocities. People have started shifting from cash to other cash crops and the results have started.

The time has now come,

It's time for you to have some sensible nails. Where is the wisdom to slaughter the golden egg-laying hen to get more gold?
It is surprising that some mills are still deducted on officially sanctioned varieties, given the sugar industry's imminent state of death and death.

Wouldn't this be considered an economic suicide?

You appeal to the farmers this season to raise some hearts and give us our rights. Create a no douction policy because unwanted types of sugarcane are almost gone. Yes, you have the right to get some heartburn on non-violations. This way your knives will not blunt and promote good types of sugarcane but leave the policy of deductions on approved types now. Because the days were over when Khalil Khan used to fly.

Life seems a little daunting for the sugar industry. We send a collective curse on the official rate. You also forget the rate by placing a stone on your heart and give the sugarcane farmer its real right.

You won't die if you owe something this time!

Make payments on time as I see that mills have begun to take on less payment. Be a little shy, do something.

Last thing,

Farmer's options never end and there are many heads like me who wake up and explain to farmers who know the skill of slow poisoning for your industry by attracting farmers to other crops.

You have to decide. Have a meal together or a mode of consuming it all alone. The farmer has to twist or crush (slaughter).

Have to get a golden egg or slaughter a chicken daily.
You have to decide!

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