Hello, a friend of mine who is an experienced carpenter I building us a whelping box for my standard size labradoodle momma, I need to give him measurements and pictures of exactly what I want... what type of door do you think will work best in your opinion, hinge, ramp or insert? Has anyone built their own, if so, what advice would you give?

Amber Cassidy Sikes We used the slide in door for ours. It’s not bad, but looking back I wish I would have used the hinge door. I think it would have been much easier. We have Miniature Schnauzers who stay inside all 8 wks and during the day sliding the door off makes it easy for Mama to go in and out when she wants. We only leave the door on at night, until puppies get bigger.

Carolyn Zagami When I had a wood whelping box, we used a piano hinge across the front piece so we could drop it down flat or easily lift it up. We had slide locks on each side at the top. It l stayed out of our way, so we didn't need much clearance to open and close it. (Now I use the Costco PVC raised garden bed, which is easy to build, clean and store, and light weight.) If you do use wood, you must seal or paint it completely, or it will absorb liquid and harbor bacteria. We used melamine shelving pieces, with a solid white finish.

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