Does anyone use Toltrazuril at 5 weeks as a preventative for coccidia? Or should I wait until 6 weeks and give at the same time I give fenbendazole? Currently I do Pyrantel at 2 and 4 weeks and then fenbendazole at 6 and 8 weeks and I get a fecal done at 7 weeks to make sure all is clear to send home in puppy packs. Adding in toltrazuril for the first time because I read good things about it on here. When should I give it?

Pic of my puppies to not get lost☺️
Michelle Larson #1 reason why we are seeing a rise in resistant parasites and bacteria is an over use and misuse of medications. If they don't have it, don't give it.
Jane Conway Michelle Larson I'm with you . Too much too young is that why allergies are the top dog ailment nowadays

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