How to make your own EM1 Bactria in pakistan
The way to make friends EM1 bacteria ... The details of the goods are some.
1. 4 liter cow milk ..
2. Quarter cup rice
3. Distal water .. Or spring water .. A little bottle ..
3. Shore
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First, mix the fourth cup of rice in a cup of dusty water. Do not use ordinary water. Common water contains salts. Those who do not allow bacterial grouping. Then check the water of the rice and put it in a plastic air-tight jar. Then put it for a week.
After one week, add a plastic air ticket bucket or plastic container to mix rice in it. Now keep the air tight for a week.
Rice water and milk ratio 1:10. For example, one liter rice water is 10 liters of milk. Mixed air tweeted.
Mixture's milk will be broken after a week later. Check the water, your em1 is a dried water. Now winning is em1, so make a mixture and mix it.
Sherra will increase bacterial life. Put this mixture in a plastic container and put it in the refrigerator .. and using the mixture of water in the form of 1:20.
Benefits: These bacteria are beneficial. They grow organic substances in the ground. The air faxes nitrogen nitrogen. These plants are used in the form of food as well as their health effects. . More results by using this mixture in the compost and chopper tea
Can be obtained. Copied Tariq Bhai

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