Use bio-fertilizer to increase the organic meter of the earth.

Hara Bio Khad
Hara bio gives food to the beneficial or friendly groom as soon as absorbed in the fertilizer land .It accelerates the friendly friend of bacteria in the soil. Whose numbers increase in a short period of time. And as well as a bullet against biochemical glands, and by protecting the crop from flames, it increases its production up to many sins. It enhances crop roots as well as increases the plants. Bio-activation is a pure organic material that is full of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other ingredients besides calcium. In this, natural hereditary (polysaccharides) provide immunity to the plants that help friends or beneficial germs and increase their growth. And it also makes the earth fertile.
Keeps the crop long enough.
Strengthens the crop and makes it powerful.
Raises the roots
Shares the organic process in the earth.
The earth makes the earth coarse and moisturizes the surface of the air.
Keeps safe from the wilderness.
Protects roots.
During the harvest crop can be used at each stage.
Increases the crop
This year's effect remains in the earth.
In its ingredients the enemy eliminates insects from their enthusiasm.
Hara bio fertilizer suppresses the process of intimidation compared to direct crab by doubling the process, due to decrease in use compared to previous years.
Tanveer Khokhar

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