In the Fifth year, my farm manager asked me to prepare a silage. And I kept this responsibility with good tension, and when the story was opened, the quality of this slavery was great, my proper attention and time, labor, goods, better management, were the reasons for the good quality of the season.
Take care of these things for making silage.

1-measurement of bunkers

• First of all try the Bunker area in all Bunker areas

• Calculate the possible corners required for silage by measuring the banner

• For good results, press us from 21-19kg corn / cubic feet

2- Selection of the plant
The more the leaves on the top of the corn plant sticks, the better it will be a good season.

• If possible, harvest the seeds with half-foot upper
The peel should be more granular, count the grain in the middle of the stem, and it should be more than 17.

• Check out the milk line, milk line 1/2 should be,
Vegetable drying should be 30-35%

3- / Press / Cover

• After biting corn crop-pressure within the bucket within 20-15 hours

• The hammer should be roller inside the chopper, which breaks the pieces into the pieces

• Cut corn corners in 0.5 inches and 0.75 inches as much as the fingerprint

• Keep pressing horizontally and vertically with a slow speed with the tractor. Press with each fit folding upper tractor

• Salt throw and air on the top layer of the silage. Always choose a white shopper for korea.

For more information, I can contact you
Dr. Vaqas Ahmad Raja
(Dairy & Meat Expert)
MSc Livestock Management

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