Animal Diseases and Treatment in Urdu
Your non-interest in posts of people's animal diseases was thought to stop Kevin's chain but not to think that the few people who are interested and the poor animals who are with God and the merciful human beings. What's wrong, they are unaware, it's a waste of my life, which is not worth any tomorrow tomorrow. There is no need to take my posts or comment on the bus. I just wanted to save the prescription in some way and recognize the patients so that they could treat an unhealthy animal without any delay. I do not even need to pray for you. I should pray for these unspecified animals. Because feeling and humanity have come to an end with today's human being, and he is dead on earth and dead. If there was sense and humanity, the group was not aware of what I would say, that is why people come to see the circus's spectacle or become self-sufficient and others become spectacular. My goal is not always a dream of someone's heart, but in reality it is my duty to get rid of it. Now this language will not be spoken only the post will come without writing, any benefit or attainment from my call. I do not care about anyone.
By Muhammad Yousif Balouch

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