After parturition, calf management is very necessary because 50% mortality of newborn calves occur due to mismanagement. Important steps are listed below:

After their birth, calf should preferably be removed immediately from their dams.

Clean the mucous from the nostrils and mouth cavity and make sure that calf’s respiration is normal. If it is not normal, perform artificial respiration. Artificial respiration can be performed by alternately applying and releasing pressure on the rib cage of calf. Respiration can also be stimulated by inserting the handle of a small, clean spoon about two inches upto the nostrils of the calf and rotating it to stimulate the nerves. Use finger if spoon is not available but never use a stick as it can damage the nostrils. Respiratory stimulants should be used only as a last resort, since subsequently they act to depress respiration.

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Cut the navel cord leaving 3-6 inches part from the body and dip it in tincture iodine twice a day until it dries. Dipping helps dry the cord and protects from infection. The stump should be rechecked for infection during the first 3 days after birth.