These buffaloes are mainly found in Khwaza Khella and Madyan areas of Swat district about 175 km north east of Peshawar in KPK, but can be found in whole valley of Swat. Azi-Khelies have been named after a local tribe ‘Aziz Khell'.


Nili Ravi



Colour variation in Azi-Kheli is quite pronounced, varying from complete albino animals to piebald to even black.

Young animals have normal brownish hair, while hair coat usually becomes scanty and thin in adults.

Forehead has a white marking of varying size and can be totally white with a tapering face.

Horns are small semi-sickled in shape.

The tail is characteristically short and slender.

Estimated liveweight is 350 to 450 kg.

The udder in lactating animals is fairly developed.

Milk yield per lactation is about 1800 litres.

Age at first calving is about 45 months with a calving interval of 18 months.

Azi‑Kheli buffaloes are generally docile.