In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
Allied brothers and respected group members
Asalam U Alikum
Today we will talk to some important points for our friend and forefathers who are interested in working for dairy farming or want to start dairy farming work.
Dairy farming is very beneficial if it is done properly, if you are patiently patiently in dairy farming, then our farmer brother can not take any damage. Starting the dairy farming work begins 5 years after the actual dairy farming started. It is at least 5 years with perseverance and patience, with the dairy farming department, and after 5 years you will become a successful farmer.
In these five years and before starting the dairy farming, 3 fundamental principles have to be taken and always have 3 basic principles
1: Animal breeding and buying
2: environment of livestock livestock livestock
3: Animal feeding
First of all talk about animal breeding and buying
Whenever you want to start a dairy farming, first of all, choose a good breed of animals that can be seen in color shades and you are good in milk, buy this animal. Good breeds and good breeds of cow I prefer my local generation Sahiwal and Cholistani, buy good and pastoral cowboys and cowboys, they will also afford to cheaper you from the cow's cows and you do not have to work hard on them because they are our Pakistani The atmosphere is desirable, the heat is tolerated either by heat or cold and care is not even more expensive. You can make your good buddy from the cowboy cowboy and a coworker that can make you more profitable in the future. Put the Sahiwal Breed to the Pedro Jersey Breed and keep the breed of a breed of poultry breeds like a pearl-frenzy race, such as your upcoming bridges. There will be a generation of breeds who will give you a great amount of money, as you can build your home's generation on your farm, so you will not be able to invest in the money that you spend on buying a pure jersey and a fierce race. Will and spend on care, and the double generation that you get will bear both the heat and the cold. The best results you will get from pure Jersey and Frisian
Now you have to buy 3-width formula mandatory when buying a animal, that whenever you buy a milk-beast, try not to buy from the market, you can not check the animals in the market and you can get animal expensive from the market. Try to buy animals from your village city or any farm around you, and before buying the animal, you should check the 3-time nutrient of the animal and see the third-time width of milk and it will be the original milk when the animal is down. If you follow this formula, you will never lose farming work, and start farming work less animals Do it with almost 8 or 10 animals that will help you understand the time and experience with animals and you will be able to understand the next generation breed on your farm.
You will not be able to buy or buy your animals when you have more animals like pigeons, then they have reduced milk, in case you buy new animals, meet your milk consumption and pay for the farm. To meet and always buy the animals in the out season because good animals are also cheaper in the out season that will benefit you out of the season when the heat is getting over and the winter is coming - September, September two months. Season celebrates and this season is also great, not too hot nor cold, it will be a lot of benefit from your newborn The atmosphere will be quicker in the environment and there will be no more problem
Now preparing the shade for living in the living environment, the main purpose of making a shed is to keep the atmosphere calm - keeping the animals healthy from both heat and cold, keeping these things in mind, prepare the animal shed in which animal Understanding yourself as cold and cold during both seasons and cold season, your animal will be healthy and will also give you good milk and the future generation of your animals will be very good prepared to make good sheds better than low gram. And apply palm trees around the shade, which will benefit you in summer and also cool your farm environment. Will be
Now talk-making is the best way to feed your animals in a good and cheap way is the cheapest and cheaper way to feed the feed, which will reduce the cost of feeding and You can feed your animal and you will not have too much work on the workforce. You will not need workers to take care of animals. Do not buy silage from the market. Make your own sewage on your farm No such a difficult task. You just have to do a little bit when you make a sewage, and then relaxing the whole year, you have a good solution to your animals. Get used with the day and you'll be running the daily feeding
The post is very long for which I want to apologize, my goal is to help only my fellow brothers in this sector.
Remember me in your prayers
Chaudhry Zafar Kahlon

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