Today, all the farmers have completed the work of wheat and after selling additional wheat it is essential that the remaining wheat should be stored properly.
Usually wheat is home to eat at home and for home purpose purposes. But there are many insects and insects invaded in the stores stored in Bharul in Pakistan. Wheat batteries are usually remarkable like wheat, syrup, wheat flour, wheat protein and wheat-sauce cereals. If properly stored in wheat, it can damage 10 to 18 percent of wheat in case of severe attacks. Therefore, it is very important that wheat should be kept carefully and carefully stored on wheat.
Let us tell you how to store the wheat.
Before store the wheat, take the sunlight for two days, so that the moisture is removed out of it. If the moisture is high in the wheat, the chances of insects and flaws increase.

How many wheat pills should be kept in wheat flame?

Clean the flame well and fill it with wheat.
Buy any good company's wheat pills from the market. These bulletins have a poison called aluminum phosphide which sell different companies in the market with their own names.
Only one tablet should be added for 8 megawatts.
There are 3 tablets for 25 megawatts and 6 tablets for 50 megawatts. Remember that more than the stated quantity tablets do not keep in wheat. It hurts many types of losses.

How should I keep bullets in the flame?

Generally, farmers gather tables in bravely and tie them in a cloth bag. Then after that, first of all, throwing the tablets in the flame of the flame and putting wheat on it. The wheat is put on top of the skin, and finally when the flame gets filled, the tablets throw them on the wheat and suppress them in the seeds.
It is clear that this method is not correct.
The first thing is that you do not bend at the balls, but you have to put them in an open vessel, such as tea cup or purple etc. Wearing utensils is not perfect at all.
Actually it is that these tablets produce a poisonous gas (phosphen) by applying moisture in the air. So if you put the tablets in a cloth bag, this cloth will absorb the moisture and moisture will reduce the bullet which will cause poisonous gas to be lesser. And it is obvious that its impact will also be reduced to insects. So tablets should be kept in open pot in a potatoes.
Secondly, you do not have to press these tablets in wheat grains. Instead, put the tablets in the vessel and place the vessel over the seeds.
Maybe your mind is coming to the point that how will the effect of the bullets reach the 10-foot fossil of wheat?
The request is that the poisonous gas that pills around fourteen and fifty feet of its pills is capable of eliminating insects. A wheat-fired tablet is of 3 grams, out of which one gram is toxic gas. This gas has great potential to absorb wheat. That is why you do not have to be worried about the effect of bullets.
One more thing to keep in mind is that when you put the tablets in a vessel, after the gas is fired, the pills that are left behind and the other can throw you with utensils and throw them out. But some of the bamboo bulletlets contained in potatoes may mix in wheat grains. Apparently, the poisonous toxic matter can not be beneficial for health.

Why is the flame to shut down the wind?
As you have been told earlier, wheat tablets produce a very poisonous gas called phosphen, combined with moisture in the air, which fills all the flames. The bugs present in the flame when breathing in the toxic gas, then the gas kills them by breathing them with breath. Therefore it is necessary that the gas remained at least for two weeks. If this is a gas flame, the insects will not be damaged. And there will be no use of tablets in wheat.
Therefore, it is necessary that the wind should be closed immediately after keeping the bullets.

How can the flame be closed?

The flame is to turn off the air well to seal the two wells and stir in the bridges. For this purpose, you can also use the levy of the flour or you can use it by mixing fat and ginger mixture in the soil. Close the batteries well and paste them on their joints in such a way that no air can be removed. If the wind is removed then what will be all the bads.

How many days should the flame open?

The flame should not be opened for two weeks after the closure of the air so that the gas in the flame can damage the pests well. After two weeks, open the flame and keep it open for at least two days so that the toxic gases in the flame well get out. Remember that food should not be used for food after two days after opening the flame. Use the wheat after the completely poisonous gas is poisoned.

Should I have a table?
Usually our farmers, when filling up in the months of April, fly by keeping wheat pills in barefoots, understand that our wheat is now protected from insects for the whole year.
But such flames that have been pounded in months of April, which comes in the month of July, fisheries, coughs and other insects attack the wheat in attackers.
This is because these insects are dynamic when the amount of moisture in the air exceeds a certain extent. Humidity is very low in April, while moisture increases significantly due to rain in July. So the best time to keep the tablets is that month of July. As soon as the insects are triggered inside the wheat due to moisture in the air, simultaneously you can put them in the table and eliminate it.
Hopefully you will be able to keep your wheat safe in flavors in front of this article.