Goat farming "
Acquisition of lawn
Poverty eradication
The best means is "

In my people
Livestock and Hobbies Hobbies
It is in full style
So it's fun
At the same time, poverty is also ours
Can eradicate
Extremely easy and low-cost tips
I have shared
"Easy Jobs"
Episode title
Follow them and others
Tell me in a few minutes
You owe this cough
See results
In the same way with other friends
I also appeal
Connect with gutting
Your experiences and easy breaks
What do you want to share?
All the best
Through respectful employment
Failure and poverty eradicated
And every round of happiness
Right now
Today the world has its own profession
It is progressing
And we have also gone through the sewage
Better to blame someone
Yes, stand on your feet
Have fun
Bakery and goats
Best of poverty eradication
The reason
Have a goat or goat
Start with
Brother also has a junk
The Former is not
Started with a goat
Today you are also friends
Give advice
The experience itself will be lost
Everyone will learn
My sincere advice
If you like, pray
your sincerely
Muhammad Ali
Memon Goat form "

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