Impact of Goat Farming in Pakistan
This writing is clearly indicating and defining its new destination. It is the effort that some of the daily questions are easily suited to self-determination. That is why buy and buy bakery for the purpose, because in the beginning hobby or natural attractiveness, new farmers gather different types of goals, whose ethnic purpose is something else, and the result of some other means of adoption Damages or minimal profits are less and waste time.

Creating gourmet farming or goats has been the most popular profession of human being, and till today the indirect or unilateral approach of millions is associated with this profession.
This profession is trying to deal with many physical evolution, but in a period despite compulsion or needs it could not be backed up.
Its historical backdrop is that Kamababish 9000 years ago Bakri was the first animal in the world, which man started as a domestic animal and began to gain access to the pet.

According to the Buzz statistical in 2001, at present there are more than 210 breeds in the world and depending on the population of 450 million people.
Almost all the Prophets (Salah al-al-Azam Azamen) by the Hadith, blessed this profession.
There is no distinction between it, but there are many Hadiths in this regard, but due to lack of time can not be added due to lack of time and courage, this blessed topic will be conveyed with clear words.
Now I come to know the fact that the fact that we saw the new lights a few years ago, started to quit after saying that the worshiper is not such a respectable way as a job. By surprise, we should turn our face towards ignorance and Explicit education turned towards the business or other business-related business world where there could not be any need to satisfy or provide adequate provision, or there are several reasons for which natural and real resources are headed by natural resources. Then we have to become part of this business
Unfortunately, we have thought that we have to do gut farming, but its right direction or effect are unbelievably unfair, in this regard, I am convinced that despite intuitive knowledge, I will accept it Prayer request
The effect of guttering is due to goats for milk or meat or wool, remembering hair or hair wool, especially in the world, and there is no special interest in us, because of this place of wool Most affordable polyester + cartons and many things have taken.
But all these tasks are not possible to successfully assume the same way through one roof or one generation only area and water flow or one way.
Here are various ways that are available in the world or we need the following.
Every topic is very long but the goal is rating and introduction, so it is with the option

No. 1 - Forming for milk, or dairy farming ...
Milk is the purpose of the most commonly used goat in the world.
Various types of species are obtained from this type of farming.
And more and more breeding breeds are chosen. Most children from nursing children are sold to children on pretendicular milk and they are attempted to prepare children for more milk and milking than ethnicly mothers.
Number2- Formatting meat or fatty farming ...
We have two purposes of this kind of formatting
A. Farming for the slums.
In this type of farming, most female goat goats are chosen for sorrow. The age and size of the age, height, color, is not considered very much. And till then, they are adopted as long as their growth continues rapidly and they keep their weight solid (i.e. at the age of generation, weight does not remain solid) and are sold at good prices. .
B. Farming for sacrifice
For this, the majority of the best generations of good breeds are chosen by children, which are better than the strength of the body and the beauty of Milk and Kasab farming in the body.
By offering them to sacrifice to the great festival of Muslims, selling a better living price is earned more profitable than the hard work.

No. 3 ... Generation or breeding farming for breeding
They also have different goals but the procedure is almost the same. In this forming a good generation of pure or two special species of animal species is developed and a good generation of its own or better prepared species. Good sales are sold.
An extra part of it is also that by producing good ethnic sandals, its production is produced by selling non-narcotics brands and improving the breeding of goats as well as good profit.

Number 4 ... Surviving farming of Doo Singong or Madonna
The above three varieties that are very popular in gutting, but now I want to give you some kind of formatting about which detailed articles will be written in future, but if all of the features expressed interest So otherwise I will choose another topic. And it is a type of farming that is called Doo Sung, whose method is that the weak young people or young young goats who come to sell in the market to slaughter, buy them and restore their health. After getting matched by good health and maternity, making good use of either a child, or getting a good profit from sale when the substance is heavy and beautiful on the rise in the last days of pregnancy. Is done It is a service to highly educated animals, but serves for their generations, which is the most profitable form of concern for the rest of the farming.

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