The production of animal milk in our country is very low that the milk of milk was given to the son of twenty-five children, all the other human beings started drinking.

The greed blindly blinded him and he was his
The baby has 6 liters of milk, but instead of this baby
Instead of feeding 1 kg milk and milk, feeding it
But this pasture does not know it
That this baby needs milk right now because her body is still like a human being
It can not be digested yet, because it is important to digestive for digestion but also
In this way it started sucking milk and hungry
Now animal science Veterinary Science
Has developed so much that the newborn is now inventing the milk milk reptacer and the cuff starter.
In countries where the cow donates 40 kgs daily in the world and can easily feed its baby
After the birth of her baby, mother's milk is given only 3 days and it is successfully supplied with imitation milk, which is cheaper than real milk and is served on it as well.
"Seasonal Window" Kuff Starter Calf Starter Opens
Give her 2 months milk
And then the cafe is frosted on the starter and the moon

Kaf Starter is able to digest green rice after 2 months due to becoming skin fat.

Due to not being aware of our people
The baby is given only milk that was enough to keep them alive and that day, the body does not get all the food due to laziness and weakening.
In general, at least 6kg of daily daily milk is needed for 6 months

But 6-6 kg milk for 6 months, which is the total milk of our animals
Feeding so much is far from Farmer's bus, but not possible.
But now it has an easy solution
Use of the "Wind Starter"

After 4-5 days of the birth of the baby, feed the mother's milk as well
2 teaspoon milk in the morning
And this window was available every time before the calf so that they could eat it with their own hands.
Instead, choose the separate place for which the vessels and water vessels were available at the peak all the time
And it could be a pleasure to enjoy it freely
After 2 months, when it starts 1 kilograms of wheat, it means that it has become a cottage, now it does not require mother's milk.
Get 6 months on this window and a soft walk

Formula *
1-corn dalka barak 2 kg
2- Wheat wheat 1 kg
3-meter gluten 30% 1 kg
Mix all ingredients Wada ready
* If the vocabulary is not available, then the open bundle can be grounded and used

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