I want to work to save desi and I just have 6 months to start my dairy. So you will say what the problem is... the problem is my cow's milk value which is 35 rupees per kg. This rate is the rate of no profit no hoss. This price can sell milk from a desi cow. Only profit can be taken when your gadgets are full of milk 3500 TR. I want to ask that which is a cow. 12 ltr starts milk on biyānē, will he be able to make 3000 + in his entire dairy.

Sometimes in my mind, there is no cross-breeder like a cross-breeder that will slowly change my desi cows from jersey, whose milk production is at least 15 ltr per day so that I am financially in the early round of my business. I can't break and then slowly cross the cross-cow cow with a good breed and make a desi cow of a new good breed.

Friends, this is the early round of my work and I have to keep the need of good dairy production, which can keep me in the mulayē of this rs. 35 milk.

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