Because of this reason, goat rearing is not happening at large level today
She is a good means of income in today's time. This can increase the farmer's income. But in reality, for some reason in the country some reasons for goat rearing become such that those who become obstacles in a successful business. Meanwhile, Manoj Kumar Singh of Central Goat Research Center, Farah Mathura, believes that goats in the country are considered to be the identity of poverty. Goats are considered to be an animal barren. Such awareness is necessary.

They believe that due to lack of information, the productivity, age and race of goats is not taken care of. Due to lack of proper living conditions of goats and absence of vaccines, mortality has reached 50 percent.

In the absence of Biju goats, Biju goers with low production capacity are making negative genetic contributions. A goat is used in rabar or village for 3-5 years and the same goat's special child is used in the same rabud or village as a veju goat.

Lack of business of goat products The goat is reared by the poor due to which the goat is sold at a cheap price in the financial straights. Due to the medicinal properties, goat milk is sold at a cheaper price than cow's milk.

The process of financial assistance providers is quite complex that it is difficult for uneducated and low-read goat boys to get financial support from banks and other institutions.

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