Sahiwal cow came first for the Indo-Pak border district
Santosh Dubey Sivan Sahilwal, who is providing medicinal properties, has been brought from the village of Diabali (Sriganganagar), India-Pakistan border for the first time in the cow district. There are four cows of Saheiwal breed and their three goats in Seoni, Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Originally, Sahiwal breed cows have been brought in for the purpose of promoting animal wealth and promoting organic farming. Cow urine, dung is made from many types of compost Agriculture scientist Dr NK Singh informed that most of the people of Punjab get this village in Punjab. Indigenous breed native Jersey Sahiwal cow has been brought under integrated crop system. Sahiwal gives cow A-2 milk and this milk has the qualities of coping with obesity, sugar, and cholesterol. He told that the other jersey of the cow is A1 milk which is harmful to the lungs. At the same time, the milk of Saheel breed cows is of nutritious and medicinal properties. These cow's dung, Gaumutra Bahu is useful. Organic manure is made from cow dung by 5-6 types. At the same time, fertilizer is prepared in dough only after 10 days. As well as earthworms fertilize well. Farmers coming to the Krishi Vigyan Kendra for biological and fine agriculture would be very helpful in following these cows. Take four days to get started It took four days to bring four cows and goats. For 9 months the cow gives more than 12 liters of milk. At the cost of a cow, the cost of transportation costs is approximately 60 thousand. For body maintenance of cow, two kilograms of food, on the milk of the milk, half a kilo of animal feed, harmonization has to be arranged. They say Under the integrated crop system, four cow agricultural science centers have been brought to Sioni. Where the farmer's farmer's farming will promote organic farming, animal wealth will increase rapidly. Dr. NK Singh Agricultural scientist, Sivan

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