We are not aware of the relationship between buffalo and intelligence, but we believe that a simple illness is on animal galleries. There is no effect on it like a million rupees rather than politicians like this, but wherever they see everybody is on the bank, but no one else is crying. The benefits of this animal are quite numerous, but if it is a blessing of goddess to be called, then it will not be left unhealthy. It is God's blessing that our country where the caste greedy has provided rich resources. But are we benefiting from God's blessing? Are we taking steps to protect it?
According to the information, due to shortage of forest, fresh water availability and lack of charity, Lewisstock's area is affected in Pakistan. As well as the number of milk shortages in the country is significantly decreasing, and the generation of rare breeds like Nail Ravi, Kundi and Sahiwal Breed available in our country is also going to end.
One of the main reasons for the lack of livelihoods from the country is the commercialization of Lewistick Farmers. This based on commercially based Livestock Farmers are on the edge of destroying the rare breeds in the country for their own interest.
According to the 2006 data statistics (these statistics are not trusted, because the last animal number was done in 2006, since which two major accidents have occurred in the form of floods, in which large numbers of animals were killed) The total number of livestock was 29 percent 06 million, 27 percent of 33 million bounces, 53 percent 79 million buckets and 26 percent of 49 million sheep (how much longer God will go).
Statistics statistics show how important the livelihood sector is for farmers in our villages and villages. About 30% of Pakistan's livestock farmers are only responsible for livelihoods, therefore the development of the Lewiskock sector directly changes the lives of poor farmers.
Fourth floor for Lewisstock is as important as the agriculture for humans, if agriculture is over, the country will die in the country. But these streams are falling daily and the entire amount of food consumes agricultural and pesticides. When animals eat infected with insectious diseases, they are ill, and since the arrangements for treatment of animal animals in the country are extremely incomplete, animals often die.
So every kind of livestock is important, but the importance of buffalo is so high that it has gross benefits. Another major reason for reducing the country's livestock is illegal trafficking of buffaloos. Trafficking of cattle or any kind of animal has a multi-dimensional negative effect. Not only does the number of animals decrease in the country, but the smuggling of living animals also reduces the country's income, the wool and the bones.
Liquestak is a major source of self-sufficiency in the production of milk and beans, particularly in the country. Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world in milk production. But if done uninterrupted studies, it is estimated that there is a significant difference in the number of lavacquacies available in the country and its production of milk. The developed countries focus on the ability to give milk instead of the number of animals. As a result, they are getting more milk in spite of a lower number.
It is important to pay special attention to the livestock and care of cattle and especially the high-grade buffalo-based breeds in the country can be avoided by genocide. To increase the rare and precious animal race generation, the rural areas increase the reservoirs. Full ban on slaughtering and smuggling of high-quality livestock, so that the employment of people related to this sector is preserved and nutritional protection is also available.
But stay I'm bouncing myself out of the buffalo .....

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