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  • Timergara is that the district headquarters of Lower Dir District in Asian nation. Timergara town is found on the east bank of the Panjkora stream. It lies at associate degree altitude of 823 metres (2,700 ft). The city is that the website of excavated graves of Aryans, chemical analysis from 1500 to 600 B.C.. On the side of the Panjkora stream is that the excavated website of Balambat. the location has been occupied ceaselessly since the time of the Aryans in 1500 B.C.. Discoveries enclosed homes chemical analysis from five hundred B.C. and fireplace altars, showing that the individuals were fireplace worshippers. At the 1998 Census the city had a population of forty three,774. Most of the most town lies on the bank of the stream Panjkora, that separates Balambat from the most town.