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  • Thatta (Sindhi: ٺٽو‎; Urdu: ٹھٹہ‬‎) is a city in the Pakistani region of Sindh. Thatta is accepted to be origination of Ishta dev of Sindhis "Jhulelal". Thatta was the medieval capital of Sindh, and filled in as the seat of energy for three progressive lines. Thatta's memorable essentialness has yielded a few landmarks in and around the city. Thatta's Makli Necropolis, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be site of one of the world's biggest graveyards and has various grand tombs worked between the fourteenth and eighteenth hundreds of years outlined in a syncretic funerary style normal for bring down Sindh. The city's seventeenth century Shah Jahan Mosque is lavishly adorned with enriching tiles, and is considered to have the most expound show of tile work in South Asia