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  • Syed Shamsul Hasan (1882– 7 November 1981) was an eminent leader of the Pakistan Muslim League and before independence of All India Muslim League. He was the son of a doctor and wanted to follow his father’s footstep. However, his passion for politics led him to Sir Syed Wazir Hasan at an early age. The remarkable personal qualities that separated Syed Shamsul Hasan from his peers were his modesty, self-effacement, self-discipline and friendly nature. Later in life these qualities made him the most trusted vanguard of Quaid-i-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan.

    As Pir Ali Muhammad Rashidi, a journalist, said “ The driving force behind the movement [for independent Pakistan] were three people- the Quaid, Liaquat and Syed Shamsul Hasan.

    Syed Shamsul Hasan joined the staff of the All India Muslim League (AIML) in July 1914 as Assistant Secretary, and after a short while he took over charge of party’s central office as Secretary. He held this position till independence South Asia