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  • Syed Munir Hussain Gilani is a politician in Pakistan, who fought for democracy in Pakistan all his life. He has remained the Federal Minister for Education in the interim government of Prime Minister Balkh Sher Mazari.

    He is the former Deputy Secretary General of the Pakistan Awami Ittehad. He has been arrested on innumerable occasions during his long political career in the struggle for democracy. After the government of General Zia-ul-Haq went back on its promise to hold general elections in the country, leading political parties got together under the banner of the MRD for the purpose of holding general elections, restoration of fundamental rights of the citizens, removal of restrictions placed on the free functioning of the press and the establishment of an independent judiciary. He was arrested on numerous occasions for taking part in a movement launched by the political parties and political Alliances such as MRD, PDA, Pakistan Awami Ittehad and most recently ARD.