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  • Syed Kamal (Urdu: سیّد کمال‬‎; 27 April 1934 – 1 October 2009) was a Pakistani film and TV actor, producer and director.[1] He had worked in 4 Bollywood films before migrating to Pakistan.

    Kamal was a popular film star of in the 1960s and the 1970s. Kamal, whose film Tauba (1963) became a success at the box office, has a striking resemblance to the Indian filmstar Raj Kapoor, and he is not evasive about this issue. He once said, "People used to mistake me for Raj Kapoor while I was in Bombay and he enjoyed it". In fact, according to Pakistani script writer Ali Sufyan Afaqi, Kamal used to practice Raj Kapoor's scenes in front of a mirror. Kamal's first appearance in his Pakistani movie by producer Shabab Keranvi Thandi Sarak (1957) was meant to resemble Raj Kapoor. Syed Kamal won a Nigar Award Special Award for film Behan Bhai (1968) ,[2] and also a Nigar Award 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in 2000.