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  • Sheikh Manzar Masood was an Azad Kashmiri politician who served as interim President of Azad Kashmir.[1] Mr. Masood was the founder speaker of AJK assembly.[2] He remained a speaker of AJK assembly for a term of five years. He became the president of AJK in April 1975 for a shorter period (16 April to 5 June). Later on he became the advisor of Parliamentary affairs to the then-prime minister Zulifqar Ali Bhutto. He served as an advisor for Z A Bhutto for two years until the military coup in Pakistan. He was arrested in 1977 by Pakistan Army. He remained a member of assembly for four terms and his wife remained member of assembly and advisor to the Government for three terms. His son Dr Ahsan Masood is actively involved in politics. He served the community for the last twenty years and was advisor to the prime minister Chaudhry Abdul Majid