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  • Salman Shahid (Urdu: سلمان شاہد‬ Sindhi: سلمان شاهد‎) is a Pakistani film, theatre, television and voice actor. He has worked in Lollywood, Bollywood as well as theatre and television.[1]

    He had already made his mark as an actor on Pakistan Television with the programme ‘Such Gup’ as well as started a career in directing plays for the stage during his student days at Govt. College, Lahore. The actor for many years has given Pakistan great comedy shows. Among his comic roles, the famous ones are from the shows Tal Matol, Teen Bata Teen and Ho Bahoo.[2] He successfully completed his film studies at the prestigious Moscow Film School. Salman on his return to Pakistan did pioneering work to help establish various drama groups and a drama school. His series Ababeel (PTV, Lahore) and Seerhian (PTV, Karachi) were memorable. He also did several noteworthy individual plays as well as direct episodes for the successful TV comedy series ‘Family Front’. He wrote, directed and acted in the