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  • Salma Mumtaz made her film debut as an actress in the 1960 Urdu language film, Neelofar (1960).[1][2] A dancer in addition to an actor, Mumtaz acted in more than three hundred films, mostly Punjabi language films during her career.[2]

    She also became known for portraying mothers and motherly figures opposite well known Pakistani and Indian actors, including Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Shahid and Punjabi language films actor, Akmal.[2] Some of her best known films included Dil Mera Dharkan Teri (1968), Puttar Da Piyar, Heer Ranjha (1970), and Sheran Di Jori. Mumtaz also worked behind the camera as a film director and producer.[1]

    Salma Mumtaz was born in Jalandhar, present-day India, in 1926.[2] Mumtaz's brother, Pervaiz Nasir, was a film producer.[2] Mumtaz moved to the city of Lahore, Pakistan, with her family following the independence of Pakistan in 1947.[1]